Get Alerted to End User Experience Issues before Physicians & Healthcare Workers Complain

Goliath Performance Monitor for hospitals using Cerner provides end-to-end visibility from the Cerner Data Center to the hospital endpoint. Goliath Technologies’ monitoring capabilities combined with Cerner’s remote hosting technologies and services, provides health care organizations with advanced warning of potential end-user experience issues and objective technical evidence of root cause to prevent future issues.

Video: How Goliath Helped UHS Solve Cerner Session Logon and Performance Issues by Having Exclusive Visibility into the Cerner Datacenter


How it works: 

Goliath’s software is deployed on Citrix XenApp servers running Cerner applications and on the IT infrastructure at the hospital endpoint. This enables Goliath to offer near real time performance metrics on Citrix XenApp, clinician’s end user experience at the hospital, and Cerner & Citrix application logon times.

Once deployed, the product provides out-of-the-box threshold and condition based alerts to give IT professionals notice if the IT application delivery infrastructure is degrading such that end user experience could be impacted. This enables IT professionals to resolve the issues before end user clinicians and healthcare workers complain. Historical reports and analysis of root cause allow for permanent fix actions to be put into place to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

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Goliath Performance Monitor for Hospitals Using Cerner



End-to-end visibility from endpoint to Cerner

End-to-end visibility provides an in-depth view into the entire user workflow allowing for fast issue resolution.

Built in end user simulation replicates real user logon work flow allowing for session validation to take place before actual users access the system.

Preemptive alerting for issues with Cerner & Citrix application availability, logon duration and user experience so IT admins can fix issues before end users know there is an issue

Auto detection and self-healing capabilities

Goliath automatically detects & resolves issues, the number of tickets generated and time that admins spend dealing with issues is greatly reduced.

Deep historical reporting and analysis

Provides objective evidence as to root cause for enhanced collaboration with Cerner.

Complete visibility into end user experience from logon to log off

Allows administrators to accurately test, measure and improve session availability, performance and reliability.


Goliath Performance Monitor for Hospitals Using Cerner review“Goliath Technologies gives us complete visibility into the end user experience from the time they logon to Cerner through their use of the application so we stay ahead of performance issues that can impact our users.” – Chris Timbers, VP & CIO of NorthBay Healthcare


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